Elastoizol C

Elastoizol C

Technical Specifications 5774-012-00287912-2007

Up-to-date bitumen-polymer roofing and waterproofing torch-applied membrane.
Intended use: Damp proofing for buildings, including basement tanking, roof waterproofing,
used as top layers with permanent heavy surface protection, intermediate layers and underlayers.

Application area:

• Roof covering of buildings and constructions of all types.

• Waterproofing of building constructions: footings, tunnels

Coating type:

P-polymer film

K- large-grained mineral granules

Basement type:

H - glass-fiber mat
T - glassfiber
E - Polyester

Fire performance classes:

External fire performance: BROOF(t1)

Reaction to fire - E


• Elastoizol is glued to the prepared surface
by welding the cover layer from the bottom side overlapping freely supporting material.
Gas burner or other burners can be used for welding.
• Roofing is possible in any seasons
except snowy or rainy weather.

Technical CharacteristicsBrand
Elastoizol CTest method
symbol of fiberglass(X)


Fiberglass Duplicated with Aluminum Foil(HA) HAKS/HASS
Fiberglass (T) TKS /TPS
Polyester nonwoven fabric (E) EKS/EPS
Weight 1m2 of material, kg,** 1.5-8.0 Gost EN 1849-1-2011
Weight of binder from the quided side ****, kg/m2, not less than 1.5 Gost 2678-94
Flexibility. When tested on a bar with a raius, mm/At a temperature not higher than (0C) (25.0/10.0)-+0.2/not less than 273(0) Gost En 1109-2011
Temperature of brittleness of binder, 0C, not higher -15 Gost 2678-94
Heat resistance for at least 2 hours at a temperature, K (0C 353(80) Gost EN 1110-2011
Breaking force at tension elongation at break, H,not less thain(Fiberglass;fiberglass dubbed with aluminum foil;Fiberglass fabric;Polyester nonwoven fabric) this characteristic depends on the mass of the base used, it is possibke to manufacture the material with the required parameters Gost 31899-1-2011(EN 12311-1:1999)
Water absorption for 24 hous, % by weight, not more than 1.0 Gost 2678-94
Loss of powder, % /sample, not more than ***** 30/- Gost EN 12039-2011
Shear strenght of adhesive joint,kN / m, not less than 0.5/- Gost 32316.1-2012 (EN 12317-1:1999)
Resistance to tearing the adhesive joint,kN / m, not less than 4.0/- Gost 32315.1-2012 (EN 12316-1:1999)


Length of a pallet 1,2 m
Width of a pallet 1 m
Quantity of rolls on a pallet from 20 to 42 rolls per pallet depending on weight of sq. m. of material
  • Waterproofing of roof
  • Waterproofing of walls and basement
  • Waterproofing of pipelines
  • Waterproofing of foundation

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